Thank you for visiting our website: Our showroom at 471 Voortrekker Road Maitland is currently closed due to the 21-day LOCKDOWN, as imposed by our President. However, we will be working remotely, and you may still contact Graham on 0769302329, either call, sms or WhatsApp. Alternatively email your enquiry. We will gladly assist with enquiries and any quotations that you may require. Once the lockdown has been lifted, we will be able to manufacture and supply as per normal. Keep safe and healthy!

Welcome to Memorial Art

We have a wide selection of memorial designs ranging from the economical and standard series to the more exclusive series.

Any design can be tailored made to suit your needs. We have a wide variety of standard symbols to choose from or we can custom design any symbol or emblem to personalize the memorial stone.

Natural stone is our choice of material to use. Why?
Simply because it outlasts any manmade artificial product.
Granite is one of the strongest substances in the world, yet can be shaped into a variety of unique designs.
Its durability and strength is what makes granite the most beneficial material to use when manufacturing a memorial stone.



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